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The Use Of Manipulative In Teaching Basic Mathematics

The Use Of Manipulative In Teaching Basic Mathematics

Alexander G. Pelonia, Ronato S. Ballado

Journal Title:Proceedings Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Manipulative are concrete objects that are designed to help students learn mathematics. Modeling real life situations and abstract mathematics concepts is the most striking advantage of physical manipulative in the mathematics classroom. The study used a quasi-experimental design to compare the performance of two freshman Bachelor of Secondary Education classes in Math 101 (Basic Mathematics) and determine the effect of teaching the subject using manipulative. The controlled group had the conventional instruction method while the experimental group was taught using activities with manipulative. Sources of data used in the study were results of the OLSAT mental ability test, an attitude towards mathematics inventory and a mathematics test used in the pretest and posttest. Statistical tools included frequency counts, percentages, ranking, weighted means and t-test for independent samples and correlated samples. The study found out that both groups were within the normal range of mental ability. The subject had favorable attitude towards mathematics. There was a significant difference in the performance of the two groups after the treatment. The study recommended the extensive use of manipulative in teaching mathematics classes inasmuch as the students taught could adopt the same techniques when they become teachers in the field.