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Areza Town Center Inventory System of Dealership

Areza Town Center Inventory System of Dealership

Enrico Raynor Rivano, Keith John Monteiro Monteza, Jay Ar Kamatoy San Juan, Kimberly Anareta Unson

Journal Title:Proceedings Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

The research study entitled “Areza Town Center Inventory System of Dealership” was an information technology (IT) system developed for the management and staff of Areza Town Center located in Pagsanjan, Laguna, Philippines. The main purpose of the study was to develop an IT system that can monitor and record the transaction and the information of customers and the accurate computation of billings, services and annual income of the company. Specifically, it aimed (1) To develop a system that will meet the requirement of the Areza Town Center; (2) To create and analyze the use of the IT system depending on the process of the transaction and functions of the Areza Town Center; (3) To test and evaluate the system in terms of system usability, design, user-friendliness, error handling and system security; and (4) To implement the system among the staff and management of the Areza. The Areza Town Center Dealership Inventory System is developed for the purpose of inventory of information and facilitate the management of Areza Town Center. The system has a restriction for any unauthorized used, decoding and manipulation of information on the system. It can handle a large amount of information and the system can assure security of data records. The system run using Pentium 4 and higher processor, at least 50 MB for the program and 1 GB for the database to store records of transactions, sales, stocks and income. The system run with the use of Microsoft XP and Windows 7 as operating system. The capstone project is a local area network (LAN) based system and it does not need an internet connection to operate. The inventory system was presented to the client for verification of the details to identify errors and clarify the process of the company. To determine the overall performance of the developed system, the researchers used a questionnaire-checklist, which includes indicators such as system design, usability, user-friendliness and error – handling. The questionnaire-checklist was validated and was distributed to the selected respondents. A total of thirty (30) respondents were purposely chosen to assess the performance of the system using the questionnaire- checklist. All the data were gathered, tabulated and the overall performance of the system was determined through statistical tools such as weighted mean and standard deviation as well as the analysis of variance to determine the overall performance of the system. The researchers used the Microsoft Excel for the computation of the statistical results. In light of the findings obtained, it was concluded that the Areza Town Center Inventory System of Dealership was highly usable, has a good design, and has excellent error-handling, highly user friendly and highly secured. Based on the conclusion drawn, the following were recommended: (1) the Areza Town Center Dealership Inventory System is recommended to be used by the Areza Town Center; (2) the researchers may enhance the database of the system by adding database backup and more additional features; and (3) future researchers may use this study as their reference when they conduct similar study.