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Factors That Make Elementary Pupils Happy

Factors That Make Elementary Pupils Happy

Perlita L. Atendido, Elisheba D. De Vera, William Jerick L. Mambil, Ava Ann P. Semorlan

Journal Title:Proceedings Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

The Elementary Christian Living teachers of the School of Saint Anthony conducted a survey among their pupils regarding the factors that make them happy. The purpose of this research is to bring awareness regarding the things that Elementary pupils’ value in life leading them to happiness. This will also serve as a glimpse of pupils’ values and to determine the factors that will motivate them in their everyday lives. The following results were derived from the study’s findings: Grade one pupils are happy when they are with their families and when they play toys and gadgets. Grade two pupils, on the other hand, are happy with their family, friends, toys and gadgets. Moreover, Grade three pupils enjoy being with their family and friends, and with new toys and gifts. As for the grade four pupils, they enjoy bonding with their families and friends, when they eat their favorite food and when they see their teachers. Furthermore, Grade five pupils love their family and are happy with new gadgets and toys. They are also happy when they play with their pets and friends. Lastly, the family serves as an important factor that makes the grade 6 pupils happy. Friends, gadgets, high grades and praying to God are the other encouraging factors of the grade 6 pupils’ gladness. Findings reveal family as the top consistent factor that makes the Elementary pupils happy. They enjoyed the different activities and experiences they had with their family members. Toys and new gadgets were also consistent factors that make the lower school pupils happy. Relationship with friends, on the other hand, serves as an important factor that inspires the Middle School pupils to be happy. Among Filipinos, across time, family remains as the source of happiness among children. This research recommends the parents to be more reflective of the moments they spend with their children and to be more sensitive with their interests and needs. This research implies the impact of families to their children’s emotional development and the deep significant marks they leave in the lives of their children.