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Performance Of Senior Teacher Education Students In A Pre-Licensure Test For General Education

Performance Of Senior Teacher Education Students In A Pre-Licensure Test For General Education

Ronato S. Ballado, Mae Joy T. Espinar, Alejandro L. Giray, Jr

Journal Title:Proceedings Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

The Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) cover General Education and Professional Education components for the Elementary level examination and the General Education, Professional Education and Specialization components for the Secondary level examination. The study developed a 100-item pre-licensure test on the General Education component of the Teacher Education curriculum. The study looked into the performance of the students in the examination per subject area. It also looked into the discrimination and difficulty indices to assess the validity and reliability of the items as instruments to measure achievement. The respondents covered all students who took the examination. The study used the descriptive – evaluativedesign. The performance of the students was measured through the percentage of students who got the correct answer. The data were treated statistically using means, percentages and ranking.Item analysis was done to determine the indices of difficulty and discrimination while Kuder Richardson 21 was computed to determine the reliability of the test. The examinees registered a High performance. The highest performance of the respondents was in the Filipino component while the least performance is in Science. Easiest items per percentage of correct responses were in Filipino and Social Science while the most difficult item is in Science. Close to half of the items are of moderate difficulty. Only few items have satisfactory discrimination. The study recommended the improvement of the test particularly on the choices to improve the reliability of the test. Learning areas where students performed poorly should be given focus in the teaching of the general education subjects.