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Level of Implementation of Guidance Programs in National High Schools of Northern Samar

Level of Implementation of Guidance Programs in National High Schools of Northern Samar

Arnold P. Rapsing

Journal Title:Proceedings Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

The Department of Education by virtue of DepEd Memo 424 series of 2007 recognizes guidance counselors and the implementation of Career Guidance Programs in public secondary schools. In relation to this, every school should have a carefully planned, organized, well-written, and expertly implemented guidance program. These guidance p services must be functional and generally should not be separated from each other. The study looked into the level of implementation of the guidance programs of national high schools in Northern Samar in terms of individual inventory services, information services, counseling services, in school placement and in-school follow-up. The study also identified problems encountered in the implementation of the guidance services. The main respondents of the study are the guidance counselors of the schools. To validate the claims, school administrators, teachers, and students answered the evaluation questionnaire. Eleven national high schools participated in the study. Statistical tools included frequency counts, percentages, weighted means. Of the five services, individual inventory services, information services, and counseling services were rated “implemented” while in-school placement and in-school follow-up were rated “much implemented”. Problems on the lack of guidance counselors assigned in some schools”, “lack of funds” and “no adequate orientation on administrators and teachers regarding the function of guidance “were considered “serious” problems. The study recommended the hiring of full-time guidance counselors in schools, an orientation of the administrators and teachers on the importance of guidance in high school, and the financial support of the administrators on the services related to guidance.