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Variates Of The Teaching Aptitude Of Teacher Education Students: Inputs To Teacher Education Admission

Variates Of The Teaching Aptitude Of Teacher Education Students: Inputs To Teacher Education Admission

Mary June T. Adalla, Riza C. Basierto, Jeselle S. Aquino, Cyrene B. Corsino

Journal Title:Proceedings Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Teacher education institutions are mandated to produce the best graduates to ensure that only the best inputs into the teaching profession are hired. However, the issue of teacher inputs in the teaching profession could be traced on how teacher education institutions admit their students. The research looked into the students’ age, sex, course, school graduated, parents’ educational attainment, parents’ monthly income, high school Grade Point Average, College Grade Point Average for the first semester, attitudes towards the teaching profession and the performance of the students in the Teaching Aptitude Test (TAT). Significant relationship between the profile of the respondents and the teaching aptitude was found. The study utilized the descriptive correlational design. The respondents composed of the freshman students enrolled in SY 2013 – 2014, answered a survey questionnaire on the profile. The performance in the Teaching Aptitude Test was based on the examination results secured from the College Guidance Office. Frequency counts; percentages, weighted means and multiple regression analysis were used to analyze the data obtained. The profile of the College of Education freshmen revealed that majority are of age range of 15-19, female, graduates of a national high school, with parents who are either college undergraduates or college graduates, with parents whose income range below P10000, have Good performance in high school, have Good performance in college in the first semester, and Highly Favorable teaching aptitude. The respondents had Low performance in the aptitude test. In general, no significant correlation was found between the profile and the teaching aptitude. However, monthly income and attitudes towards teaching significantly predicted the teaching aptitude. The study recommended the development and validation of a localized teaching aptitude test. Another research correlating the teaching aptitude test results with other variables is suggested.