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Mobile HealthCare Technology Based on Wireless Sensor?

Pimpre.D.M, Bhagat.V.B?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

The recent advances in Wireless Sensor Networks have given rise to many application areas in healthcare. It has produced new field of Wireless Body Area Networks. Using wearable and non-wearable sensor devices humans can be tracked and monitored. Monitoring from the healthcare perspective can be with or without the consent of the particular person. Even if it is with the consent of the person involved, certain social issues arise from this type of application scenario. The issues can be privacy, security, legal and other related issues. Healthcare sensor networks applications have a bright future and it is a must to take up these issues at the earliest. The issues should be carefully studied and understood or else they can pose serious problems. In this paper we try to raise and discuss these issues and find some answers to them. This paper focuses on WSNs utilization in medicine. In order to present the current state in this research field, few particular projects have been selected and compared.