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Network Assisted Mobile Computing with Efficient Cache Maintenance?

K Komarasamy, Dr. L M Nithya

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

Mobile applications retrieve content from remote servers through user generated queries. Processing the request fully on the mobile devices can quickly reduce battery resources. Alternatively, processing request at remote servers can have slow response times due communication latency incurred during transmission of large query. We use network-assisted mobile computing method where mid-network nodes with ?leasing? capabilities are deployed by a service provider. Leasing computation power can be reducing battery consumption on the mobile devices as well as improve response times. We evaluate the dynamic programming algorithm to solve for the optimal processing policies that suggest the amount of processing to be done at each mid-network node in order to minimize processing and communication latency and processing costs. In this research provide efficient cache maintenance at mid-network nodes using Push and Pull algorithm (PP) and Fast Lender Detection (FLD) to minimize processing time because we retrieve content from mid-network nodes.