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SAAS A Gateway to Cost Effective Secure Vehicular Clouds?

M.R.Yasmeen?, M.Ramya Devi?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

Vehicular Cloud Communication (VCC) is the latest buzz in conventional cloud computing. In a Vehicular Cloud (VC), the commuters share resources ranging from storage to computing power to renting it to others over the Internet. The broad horizon calls for covering various aspects of security, social impact, cost effective communication. Much research has been carried over the VC architecture, security challenges and potential threats applicable in the VCs. This paper highlights a cost effective, hassle free, secure communication between the cloud and misshaped vehicles. Communication is established via Software as a Service (SAAS). Additionally, the nearest medical help is made available. Both haversine and GeoAPI distance matrix have been used for the same. The security challenge is addressed with the help of Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA). AES and Blowfish have been evaluated to compute the message processing speed.