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Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation Scheme for Efficient Handover in IEEE 802.16e Networks?

M. Deva Priya, M.L. Valarmathi, R.K. Shanmugapriya, D. Prithviraj?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

Mobile Worldwide interoperability for Microwave access (WiMAX), IEEE 802.16e is a promising solution that provides ubiquitous wireless access with high data rates, high mobility and wide coverage. The main issue in mobile WiMAX networks is managing user mobility. Queues associated with the arriving packets should have enough bandwidth to meet the requirements; else the Handoff Call Dropping Probability (HCDP) will be high. The Dynamic QoS based Bandwidth Allocation Algorithm (DQBA2) is proposed to increase the system utilization and to reduce the Dropping Probability. Traffic with high Bandwidth Allocation Factor (BAF) is given high priority. The number of users is increased by dynamically allocating bandwidth based on the Arrival Rate (?). To improve the efficiency of the proposed scheme, a Scanning with Self-back off (SSB) scheme is included. The proposed system shows better performance in terms of Throughput, delay and packet loss.