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On New Approach in Using 433MHz Radio Modules?

Prithviraj Shetti, Prasad V. Sakharpe, Amrut Ubare?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

Cheap radio modules such as 433MHz Rx/Tx pairs are very popular in hobby projects and readily available in the local market. For reliable data transmission and reception these modules need initial burst training pulses for sync and some encoding scheme for reducing effect of noise. Present approaches make use of VirtualWire library and Manchester library for using these modules with Arduino board. This gives transmission of 3-4 digit sensor values and 5-12 characters text string. In present paper we demonstrate it is possible to send even longer text string and integer data without using these two libraries and using another protocol viz. software serial only. Transmission of long text strings is demonstrated with reliable results.