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Dr. Dinesh Kumar Jain*, Dr. Rajkumar Arya

Journal Title:World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

Hahnemann introduces the practice of Homeopathy in the early 19 th century in reaction against Allopathy. After review of all Homeopathic principles on the basis of present medical knowledge, it has been found that they are illogical, irrational and not in accordance with the Knowledge and available criterias of scientific therapeutic system. The aim of my work is to find truth. The aim of my work is to protect poor and uneducated people from dangerous consequences of Homeopathy because people ignore advantageous medical science. The aim of my work is to remove illogical and wrong concept from science. The aim of my work is to help in evolution of knowledge. If Homeopathy is accurate then costly modern Allopathy should be replaced by Homeopathy. India is a poor country then why we have accepted costly Allopathy? If Homeopathy is wrong and treatment of diseases is not possible by Homeopathy, then it should be banned and it is no use to expend money and time on Homeopathy.