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Ramji Gupta*, Arshad Parwez, Sokindra Kumar, Saurabh Kumar Vind, Surya Prakash Singh

Journal Title:World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

Many herbal plants are used now a day for various purposes. There extensive used is mainly due to their less toxic effect in comparison of other synthetic drugs, there are a number of preparation are present in the market like creams, tonics, tablets, capsules etc. One of the great achievements of herbal drugs is to improve the learning and memory. Memory is the ability of a human individual to record the information and recall it at later when needed. Several diseases such as dementia, Alzheimers disease in which memory progressively decreases over period of time. The herbal drugs or their extracts are used to improve the memory by different ways. They decrease the activity of AchE enzyme and hence increase in cholinergic activity which causes the improvement in learning and memory. Many herbal drugs act as antioxidant and prevent the ageing due to which memory improves. Restoration of insulin receptor by herbal drug also improves the memory. The improvement in learning and memory of experimental animals can be determined by the elevated plus maze test, passive avoidance test and different biochemical estimation. After administration of these drugs show positive result in above mention test.