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Praveen Nasa*

Journal Title:World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

Pharmaceutical package is an integral part of Pharmaceutical product. An ideal package protects the product from harmful effects of environmental gases, moisture, microbes etc. Primary package is in direct control with the product and secondary package is the package which surrounds the primary package. Tertiary package is the package used for transportation purpose.Pharmaceutical package provides the hermetic seal which do not contaminate the Pharmaceutical product. Glass, Plastic, Metal and rubber are the important component of container closure system. Various types of glass, plastic, metal packaging material are used for construction of containers and closures. The selection of these material depends upon the products which is to be stored in the container. Closure is also an important part of Pharmaceutical packaging and it is direct contact with the pharmaceutical preparation. So container and closure material should be carefully selected which do not affect the therapeutic efficacy of the products. This review article mainly focused on the Pharmaceutical packaging material properties, their use and their limitations.