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Encryption and Decryption of Data Using QR Authentication System

Atul Hole, Mangesh Jadhav, Shivkant Kad, Swanand Shinde?, Prof. Pramod Patil?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

In this paper, we explore how QR codes can be used in education. The low technical barrier of creating and reading QR codes allows innovative educators to incorporate them into their educational endeavors. Security the data is a big problem. And to solve this problem we propose an efficient method to authenticate digital information presents in our documents. If an intruder tries to change the information of the document that intruder cannot do that in QR Code. In this Paper we encrypt the data using encryption Algorithm. The information which is encrypted are entered inside the QR code and QR code will be also printed with the original data of document. Then the data can then be retrieved from the QR code and can be decrypted using decryption algorithm. And finally it can be verified data that are already presents in the document.