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Secure Sharing of Medical Records Using Cryptographic Methods in Cloud

M.P. Radhini, P.Ananthaprabha, P.Parthasarathi?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

Cloud based data is safer than paper and client-server records. Now, medical practices just have to be willing to look to the cloud for the future of healthcare IT. There are lots of security issues related with the storage of sensitive personal health information in the cloud, which will make lots of security challenges to the PMR privacy and confidentiality. Cryptography is an essential tool that helps to assure our data accuracy. The Cryptographic techniques can be employed to protect the data in cloud environment. The technique used for security is multiple authority attribute based encryption technique which focuses on the multiple data owner scenario and divide the users in the PMR system into multiple security domains which leads to key management complexity for owners and users. In the proposed distributed attribute based encryption scheme PMR can be accessed from any hospital using a single key thereby reducing the complexity of key management.