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Ash weevil Myllocerus spp. dominates Helicoverpa armigera in Kharif groundnut systems


Journal Title:International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Redgram, castor, cowpea and field bean were grown as intercrops to study the population dynamics of Helicoverpa andMyllocerus spp in groundnut under rainfed conditions. Groundnut + redgram, groundnut + castor, groundnut + cowpea and groundnut + field bean were raised at 7:1, 7:1, 6:1 and 6:1 ratios, respectively along with pure crop of groundnut. Groundnut +cowpea and groundnut + redgram intercropping systems recorded less mean per cent damaged leaves by Helicoverpa (4.06 and 4.69%). The damage was found to be increased gradually and reached maximum of 7.80 mean per cent at 60 DAS i.e. during Ist FN of September, thereafter slightly declined. However, the leaf damage by Helicoverpa has not reached ETL (20% damaged leaves) in the season. Leaf damage by ash weevil was started at 20 DAS i.e. during IInd FN of July which was gradually increased and reached peak (24.19 %) at 60 DAS i.e. during I FN of September and thereafter it was declined. Per cent leaf damage by Myllocerus spp. was comparatively less in groundnut + cowpea system (12.48 %). Whereas damage in remaining treatments ranged from 15.0 to 22.0 per cent. However, irrespective of intercrops, on groundnut, Ash weevil damage was higher than other leaf eaters includingHelicoverpa