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Study on knowledge level of dairy farmers for scientific livestock rearing practices in Bhagwanpur block area of District Haridwar


Journal Title:International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

The study was conducted in dry land Bhagwanpur Block of district Haridwar, Uttarakhand during the year 2012-2013. The major observation was taken on socio- economic condition and elementary knowledge of the livestock owners in context to the use of scientific livestock rearing practices. the study revealed that 49.17 per cent livestock owner belongs to the middle age group, 35.00 per cent had marginal land holdings, 42.50 per cent lying with primary education group and 80.83 per cent had information sources as news paper. All the study respondent had no irrigation facility for their agricultural crops. 37.00 per cent were engaged with different village level social and agricultural organizations. 52.50 per cent dairy farmers had large family size and 49.17 per cent dairy farmers had two worth generate member in the family system. 67.50 percent were associated with integrated crops and animal husbandry practices in addition to service or business work, while 35.83 per cent solely with dairy farming. Majority (35.83 %) were preferred to reared six milch animals. Green fodder production area was higher (29.00 %) with medium-big land holding farmers. Large number of tractors was engaged in transportation, in newely developed industrial area. On an average 42.81, 35.00 and 22.19 per cent had high, medium and low level of knowledge regarding calves and heifers rearing with their breeding, feeding, ,housing and health management practices of livestock. Thus it was concluded that the dairy owners of dry land Bhagwanpur block of the district Haridwar possess high to medium level of knowledge regarding improved animal husbandry practices