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Economic surplus estimates of improved vegetable production technology in Maharashtra


Journal Title:International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

The paper envisages the detailed analysis of assessment of improved vegetable production technologies on production, resource use economic surplus estimates of vegetable growers in Maharashtra. Among the adopters, maximum share of total cropped area was observed under cereals crops (34.15 %) followed by vegetable crops (25.61 %). Among the non adopters, cereals crops contributed maximum area (38.25 %) followed by vegetable crops (28.85 %). The net present value of cultivation of major vegetables was estimated to Rs. 4849 crores and in case of chilli, okra, brinjal, onion and tomato it was Rs. 1521, Rs. 672, Rs. 46, Rs. 1134 and Rs. 1476 crores, respectively. The benefit cost ratio of an investment made in vegetable research was observed 1:89 for major vegetables in Maharashtra. Among the vegetables, the highest (Rs. 873 crores) consumers surplus was recorded in case of tomato and it was followed by chilli (Rs.621 crores), onion (Rs. 524 crores), okra (Rs. 299 crores) and brinjal (Rs.26 crores). The total surplus in vegetable cultivation especially of five major vegetables due to adoption of improved vegetable production technology was to the tune of Rs. 3168.48 crores and it was Rs. 988.57, Rs. 961.42, Rs. 741.53, Rs. 439.68 and Rs. 37.28 crores in case of chilli, tomato, onion, okra and brinjal, respectively.