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Survey on Network Based Intrusion Detection System in MANET?

Nithya Karthika M, Raj Kumar?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

Mobile Ad hoc Network is a collection of mobile nodes equipped with both a wireless transmitter and a receiver that communicate with each other via bidirectional wireless links either directly or indirectly. The self-configuring ability of nodes in MANET made it popular among critical mission applications like military use or emergency recovery. However, the open medium and wide distribution of nodes make MANET vulnerable to malicious attackers. It is crucial to develop efficient intrusion-detection mechanisms to protect MANET from attacks. Network-based intrusion detection systems operate differently from host-based IDSes. The design philosophy of network-based IDS is to scan network packets at the router or host-level, auditing packet information, and logging any suspicious packets into a special log file with extended information. We survey on the intrusion detection system in MANET using various methods and algorithms.