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Vijaya Barge*, Pranali Yendhe, Kavita Kodre, Sneha Attarde, Ravindra Patil

Journal Title:World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

An electron microscope is an instrument, which utilizes short wavelength of electrons as a source of illumination for observing objects at a greater magnification. The major significance of an electron microscope is that it has the highest resolution and magnification. Max Knoll and Ernest Ruska in 1931, developed the first electron microscope. The electron microscope works on the principle similar to that of a light microscope. An electromagnetic field and a beam of electrons act in a way similar to the action of a glass lens and a beam of light. Electron microscope is classified into two types- 1. Scanning electron microscope and 2. Transmission electron microscope. The detail information about above two types covered in the review.