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Enhancement the Security of WSN using ALARM Protocol to Prevention from Reply Attack?

Neelam Shekhawat, Moumita Ghosh

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

The wireless Ad hoc network is the self configuring type of network. In self configuring type of networks mobile nodes can leave or join the network when they want .In such type of networks many inside and outside attacks are possible. Inside and outside attacks are broadly classified as active and passive attacks. To prevent inside and outside attacks trust relationship between the mobile nodes must be maintained. The trust relationship between the mobile nodes is provided by mutual authentication. ALARM is the protocol for providing trust relationship between the mobile nodes. In this protocol the clocks of the mobile nodes are weakly synchronized by using GPS. In such case reply attack is possible. To prevent reply attack clocks of the mobile nodes must be strongly synchronized. In our new proposed technique, we are enhancing t the ALARM protocol to provide strong clock synchronization between the mobile nodes. Our new technique will be based on the NTP (network time protocol).