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Neelima Goswami*, Mukul Tailang, A. K. Pathak

Journal Title:World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

The purpose of the present study to develop an optimized gastric floating drug delivery system (GFDDS) to prolong the gastric residence time after oral administration, at a particular site and controlling the release of drug especially useful for achieving controlled plasma level as well as improving bioavailability. Gastro retentive drug delivery is an approach to prolong gastric residence time, thereby targeting site-specific drug release in the upper gastro intestinal tract (GIT) for local and systemic effect. The present study has been a satisfactory attempt to formulate floating drug delivery system of Misoprostol, an orally administrated gastric Ulcers/ duodenal ulcers drug with a view of improving its oral bioavailability and giving sustained release of the drug. A number of parameters affect the characteristics of the formulated floating tablet. These parameters must be optimized to achieve floating layer with the desired attributed and characteristics viz. percent drug release and lag time. In the present work the relevant parameters (independent variables) were optimized using 3 3 factorial designs (Statease ver. 9.0). These 27 formulations are evaluated for parameters. All the formulations shows results in the acceptable range. All preliminary formulations are subjected to in-vitro bouyancy and dissolution study. The data obtained from the in vitro release study was fit to various kinetic models to explain the release profile of the drug. Kinetic models were used zero and first-order equations, Higuchi, Hixon Crowell Krosmeyers peppas models.