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Chauhan Vanita*, Preksha Doshi, Nilay Modi

Journal Title:World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

Objective: The objective of the present work is to mask the intensely bitter taste of Roxithromycin and to formulate an oro dispersible tablet (ODT) of the taste-masked drug by incorporation of microspheres in the tablets. Method: Microspheres of Roxithromycin were prepared by solvent evaporation method using acetone as solvent for pH-sensitive polymer: Eudragit EPO and light liquid paraffin act as the encapsulating medium. The physical properties of prepared microspheres were evaluated with regard to yield, drug content, flow properties, particle size, in vitro drug release and taste. The average size of microspheres was found to be satisfactory in terms of the size and size distribution. The ODTs prepared by direct compression method and evaluated for hardness, thickness, weight variation, friability, disintegration time, drug content, wetting time, in vitro disintegration, in vitro drug release and stability. Result and discussion: Comparison of the dissolution profiles of microspheres in different pH media showed that microspheres having drug: polymer ratio of 1:3 to 1:5 produced a retarding effect in simulated salivary fluid (pH 6.8) and sufficient flow properties was shown in the drug: polymer ratio of 1: 3 compared to other ratios. So these microspheres were further used for formulation of ODTs using different concentration of superdisintegrants. ODTs containing Croscarmellose sodium 4.8% showed batter drug release profile as compared to other Superdisintegrants. Conclusion: Effective taste-masking was achieved for Roxithromycin by of preparation of microspheres and ODTs of acceptable characteristics.