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Evaluation About Housing and Kitchen with Seating Area in Context of Giresun City Development

Evaluation About Housing and Kitchen with Seating Area in Context of Giresun City Development


Journal Title:Artium

The purpose of this study is to scrutinize the differentiating parallel of the modern housing relationship schema to city development in the context of kitchen space; and to discuss kitchen representation on the scale of the city of Giresun by associating with modern living dynamics. While traditional city culture and style of living change with the development of cities and architecture in throughout Anatolia, cities and structures in cities, particularly housing, are becoming similar because of the effects of globalization. This process of similarity, observed in the inner construction and outer cover, directs citizens to live in unknown and undefined housing. While Giresun, as a small Anatolia city, was affected by globalization as was the whole country, it also reflected traditional living rituals in terms of housing form and was differentiated from large-scale cities defined as center. That is; this study focused on kitchens with a seating area which is efficient in housing plans in new residential areas in the city and developed contrary to general tendencies and modern living practices in Giresun. It is seen that the kitchen in Giresun apartments were designed as social spaces by having more functions and a separate living area apart from the general living area in housing, which is different from known resolutions. We aimed to evaluate this traditional typology, defined as “a kitchen with seating area” by citizens and observed as extremely common in Giresun apartments, the context of city development.