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Client-Server Version of Energy Management through the Computational Outsourcing?

Sridevi.K, George Christober.J?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

In This work we optimize the Energy resources done by the Computational Outsourcing Process. The Cost of energy is higher than the Cost of Communication as per the analysis of Experimentation so we using the Computational outsourcing. The functions of Computational outsourcing having the nature to act like Deputy Server on the mobile phone like devices with in the storage space. In the System should decide the outsourcing process on the dynamic allocation that means run time while decision making process and it having the client server version of device programs that can be run on the device which makes the utilization of energy during computational process. In this Approach having that the independent application and require the minimal energy awareness of the programmer and It can be implemented in the real time system and it can have decision logic and computation process that can be run time support within the dynamic allocation process It can be saving the energy resources of mobile like devices.