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Efficient Allocation of Resources in Cloud Server Using Lopsidedness?

B. Selvi, C. Vinola, Dr. R. Ravi?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

Cloud computing plays a vital role in the organizations resource management. Cloud server allows dynamic resource usage based on the customer needs. Cloud server achieves efficient allocation of resources through virtualization technology. It addresses the system that uses the virtualization technology to allocate the resources dynamically based on the demands and saves energy by optimizing the number of server in use. It introduces the concept to measure the inequality in multi-dimensional resource utilization of a server. The aim is to enlarge the efficient resource utilization system that avoids overload and save energy in cloud by allocating the resources to the multiple clients in an efficient manner using virtual machine mapping on physical system and Idle PMs can be turned off to save energy.