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Utilizations of LSB Matching and Replacement for Efficiency Improvement in Digital Secret Communication

Nisha.M.J, G.H.Asha, Anandh Kumar.V, Mahendar.R?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

To develop and check the Steganography based informations by using Matlab this proposal investigates the detection of information hidden in digital media by both the least signi?cant bit (LSB) matching and replacement scheme. Which can completely recover the original images without any distortion from the secret images by utilizing the parity features of the original images and defining two embedding pairs are used embeds hidden message via LSB matching and replacing the LSB of the cover image with the MSB of the message image will help us to form a stego image which would contain the message. This message can be retrieved only by that receiver who knows that it is a stego image sent by the sender. The proposed method always has lower distortion for various levels of abstractions. Experimental results disclose that the proposed method not only provides better performance and size reductions than those of OPAP and DE, but also is secure under the detection of some well-known steganalysis techniques tested here.