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Knowledge and use of computer by the Scientists of Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana


Journal Title:International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

The present study was undertaken to ascertain the knowledge of scientists regarding computer, its use by them in teaching, research and extension and problems being faced by them in its use. A sample of 200 scientists working in teaching, research and extension system of the PAU was drawn by using probability proportional to size (PPS) sampling technique. The data were collected by using distributed questionnaire approach. The findings of the study revealed that majority of the scientists belonged to age group of 44 to 56 years, hailed from rural families, were Associate Professors, most of them had total annual income of Rs. 7-11 lakhs and had service experience of 7-15 years with two trainings. Majority of the scientist were male, had Ph.D educational qualification and belonged to farming families. The findings of the study further indicated that two-third of the scientists had high level of knowledge of computer mainly for the purpose of computer information retrieval or data updating while more than half of them had experience in computer use up to 5 years. It was further noticed that among various computer facilities available, Internet accessing had an added advantage of its ready availability as compared to others. Insufficient budget provision for the purchase and minor repairs of computer mostly restricted the use of different computer tools whereas the major problem faced by the scientists in the use of computers was the lack of regular training. Therefore, they had suggested that the sufficient budget should be provided for the purchase and minor repairs of computer as well as sufficient number of scientists should be trained regularly from time to time