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Effect of planting ratios on crop growth, flowering parameters and seed yield of sorghum hybrid cv-SHD-9704


Journal Title:International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

The present investigation was undertaken during 2007 and 2008 at the Main Agricultural Research Station, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad during Rabi season in 2007-08 and Kharif season in 2008 and their pooled data on effect of planting ratios on crop growth. flowering parameters and seed yield on sorghum hybrid cv-SHD-9704 . The 6:2 planting ratio (P2) recorded numerically more (106.58 cm) plant height at harvest, number of leaves (9.53) at 75 DAS, days to crop maturity (93.84 days), days to primordial initiation (37.64 days) and 50 per cent flowering (69.04 days) compared to 4:2 planting ratios (P1) (101.01 cm, 9.22, 90.71 days, 35.83 days and 66.88 days, respectively). Whereas, leaf area and leaf area index at 75 DAS numerically were more (3068 cm2 and 4.54, respectively) in 4:2 planting ratio (P1) than 6:2 planting ratio (P2) (2968 cm2 and 4.39, respectively). The 4:2 planting ratio (P1) recorded significantly more ear weight (27.64 g), number of seeds per ear (300.00), seed setting percentage (26.77%), seed weight per ear (10.32 g) and hybrid seed yield per hectare (4.54 q/ha) compared to 6:2 planting ratio (P2) (23.99 g, 258.00, 23.41%, 8.85 g and 3.96, q/ha, respectively).