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Integrated farming system for strengthening rural livelihood in disadvantaged areas of Bidar district


Journal Title:International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

In recent years, food security, livelihood security as well as natural resources conservation and protection have emerged as major issue worldwide. Developing countries are struggling to deal with these issues. So the main objective of this study was to strengthen the livelihood security through integrated farming system under NAIP-3 Bidar. Hence, research on integrated farming system (IFS) was conducted for 240 selected participants by introducing inputs such as improved variety seeds of redgram (BSMR-736), Bengalgram (JG-11), backyard poultry (Giriraja Chicks), azolla cultivation, vermicompost units, horticultural and forestry seedlings and grafts etc. The research was conducted by an ICAR sponsored project on livelihood security through resource and entrepreneurship management in Bidar district with the team of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Bidar, The project area included 24 selected villages of 4 clusters viz., Aurad, Bhalki, Basavakalyan and Humnabad in Bidar district of Karnataka state, The different intervention components of IFS were evaluated by calculating benefit cost ratio (BCR). The results of the study indicated that among the various components intervened, production of worms for vermicompost recorded highest BCR (1:24) followed by increase in milk yield due to feeding azolla (1:14). This was followed by backyard poultry(Giriraja Chicks) (1:13.3), redgram.BSMR-736 (1:5.5), vermicompost production (1:4.57) and Bengalgram.BG-11 showed the lowest BCR. The employment generation was 215 man days per year