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Natural occurence of Tobacco streak virus (ilar virus) on Bt cotton hybrids


Journal Title:International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Cotton is an important fibre crop. Cotton streak disease was newly recognized in India, identified to be caused by the Tobacco streak virus (TSV). The virus was recognized on 26 coded Bt entries at Cotton Research Station, Mehboob Bagh, Parbhani. Incidence of TSV was noted for the first time in Maharashtra. Disease observations were recorded from July-06 to November-06 at an interval of 15 days. Data revealed that viral disease incidence was recorded at increasing rate up to the end of September 06 and further incidence was noted in decline rate from October to November 2006. Maximum disease incidence was recorded in the month of September with in the range of 36.59 to 83.88 per cent. Lowest incidence was noticed on entry 6108 and highest on entry 6126