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Path co-efficient analysis of yield component in tomato


Journal Title:International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Thirty four genotypes of tomato were evaluated during Rabi season of 2006 - 2007 to estimate the nature and magnitude of genetic variability based on days to first harvest, number of pickings, plant height, number of fruits per plant, fruit weight plant, fruit size, single fruit weight, number of locules, pericarp thickness and TSS. A wide range of variation was observed among the characters studied which have a great interest for tomato breeders. Single fruit weight gave the highest heritability during 2006; however, it was at maximum for days to first harvest during 2007. Fruit weight plant showed high and positive genotypic and phenotypic correlation with number of picking and with number of fruits per plant, thus indicating that these traits were the most important yield components. On the basis of performance and keeping in view the selection criteria observed in the present study, 14 genotypes were identified through path analysis for future testing under wide range of environments.