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Perspective of the farmers about ICT in agriculture


Journal Title:International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

The objective of the study was to know the expectations of the farmers regarding Community Internet Center at village level for sustainable agricultural development. Most of the respondents was expected the Community Internet Center (CIC) facilities at Panchayat office of the village. They were also expecting six sets of computer with agriculture graduate having computer knowledge as operator at CIC. They expect that Government should bear expenses to run CIC. The information on farmers related sites was expected by most of the farmers in Gujarati language that too in the audio-visual form. The major purposes to have CIC explained by the respondents were to collect agricultural information, to collect information on governments programmes, and to know more about market prices. Majority of the respondents expressed their desire to use Internet daily or twice in a week by their own .All of them expressed positive response to have proper training about the use of Internet facility through government agency, at CIC