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Editorial: Medicina e sociedade  

Editorial: Medicina e sociedade  

Tatiana Bragança de Azevedo Della Giustina

Journal Title:Revista Bioética

Although the first concerns about bioethics took place after the Great Wars, especially after World War II, this field of research only took its current shape in the 1970s. In times of social change, bioethical principlism has a lot to contribute to science and the humanities 1. Bioethics arises from the technicalization of medicine, with its scientific advances and the power over life and death, health and disease, quality of life and suffering, in addition to the socio-cultural changes experienced in the 20th century. American researcher Van Rensselaer Potter proposed the creation of some kind of bridge between the area of science and that of the humanities, reflecting, from the perspective of ethics, on human civilization, individual rights and human dignity 1,2. These circumstances have drastically changed the dynamics of the physician-patient relationship, which is currently based on the principle of the patient’s autonomy over their body and therapeutic decisions. From this, self-determination and the importance of the informed consent form are prioritized in medical procedures, both governed by Resolution CNS 466/2012 3.