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Humanistic reflections on specialized HIV care service  

Humanistic reflections on specialized HIV care service  

Bianca Barros Branco, Amanda Chagas Barreto, Rafael de Azevedo Silva, Lorena Fecury Tavares, Herbert Paulino Cordeiro

Journal Title:Revista Bioética

Abstract The physicians’s attitude towards diagnosis and clarifications to the patient infected by the human immunodeficiency virus is based mainly on personal perception and humanistic experience. The objective of this study was to report the experience of medical students from the sixth period of the Centro Universitário Metropolitano da Amazônia, in Belém, Pará, Brazil, during classes of the Clinical Skills module (Infectious Axis) at the Center for Attention on Acquired Infectious Diseases. After providing outpatient care and discussing clinical cases for five months and considering biopsychosocial issues, the students realized a need for humanization in this area. The experience expanded the knowledge acquired in class and allowed the delivery of comprehensive care to the patient, in addition to encouraging more humanistic and critical training of these health professionals. Keywords: Education, medical. Aids serodiagnosis. HIV antigens. Infectious disease medicine. Humanization of assistance.