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Path of dialogue II: expanding the bioethics experience for high school  

Path of dialogue II: expanding the bioethics experience for high school  

Marta Luciane Fischer, Thiago Rocha da Cunha, Thierry Betazzi Lummertz, Gerson Zafalon Martins

Journal Title:Revista Bioética

Abstract The insertion of bioethics in basic education and the environmental bioethics are two growing aspects of bioethics. At the confluence of these two areas, the action promoted by the United Nations Organization called “Sustainable Development Goals” emerges. Its agenda proposes 17 goals to be fulfilled by 2030, aiming at the balance between the economic, social and environmental dimensions of development. In this scope, the activity “Path of dialogue II” was conducted, which presented high school students with reflections on bioethics and the sustainable development goals. This article reports the experience of this intervention and discusses bioethics from the perspective of education, without the intention of formally teaching concepts of bioethics, but of inserting the perspective of bioethics through interdisciplinary discussions so as to identify vulnerabilities and discuss solutions for the environment, development and sustainability. Keywords: Sustainable development indicators. Environmental health education. Education, primary and secondary. Education. Bioethics.