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Health workers’ feelings and perceptions about euthanasia  

Health workers’ feelings and perceptions about euthanasia  

Amanda Aparecida Alves Silva, Fernanda Kelly Mendes Pestana, Fernanda Cardoso Rocha, Bruna Roberta Meira Rios, Artur Almeida Aquino, João Fabio Gonçalves Sobrinho, Joyce Micaelle Alves, Álvaro Parrela Piris

Journal Title:Revista Bioética

Abstract Euthanasia, which originally means “good death” or “painless death”, is a practice aimed at relieving suffering and ending the pain of the terminally ill patient. This study was designed to understand Intensive Care Unit health workers’ feelings and perceptions about euthanasia. This is a retrospective, descriptive and qualitative analysis research conducted with 23 workers at the University Hospital of Montes Claros/MG, Brazil, through structured interviews interpreted from content analysis. The interviewees demonstrated prior knowledge of euthanasia, and their discourses evidenced perceptions of social, moral, ethical and technical aspects. Euthanasia is a matter of great complexity, much discussed worldwide. It is necessary to explore the legalization issue, as well as the impacts of implementing such practice on the life of the sick patient, as well as for society as a whole. Keywords: Euthanasia. Death. Palliative care. Health personnel.