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Bioethical discussion on end of life patient care  

Bioethical discussion on end of life patient care  

Paula Christina Pires Muller Maingué, Anor Sganzerla, Úrsula Bueno do Prado Guirro, Carla Corradi Perini

Journal Title:Revista Bioética

Abstract This study aimed at identifying factors that influence the decision-making of health professionals regarding patients in intensive care units. We carried out a quantitative research in two hospitals in Paraná, between March and May 2018. We defined a sample of 45 members of a multidisciplinary team. As results, we identified the interviewees’ concern in respecting autonomy, protecting dignity and preserving the quality of life of patients and family members by making shared decision. However, we also observed a tendency of therapeutic obstinacy to fulfill the professional duty, which indicated the need for more discussions and training on palliative care to minimize ethical conflicts. Keywords: Decision making. Intensive care units. Palliative care.