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Extent of knowledge of farmers on cauliflower production technology


Journal Title:International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

The present study was conducted in ten villages of two taluka of Parbhani and Nanded district of Marathwada region of Maharashtra State on 80 cauliflower growers with an object to study the extent of knowledge about recommended production technology of the cauliflower growers. The research design adopted was ex-post-facto, since the data were collected by personally interviewing the cauliflower growers and analyzed stalistically. It revealed that regarding the overall knowledge level 65 per cent of respondents had moderate knowledge about recommended production technology of cauliflower crop followed 17.50 per cent of respondents had high and low level of knowledge, respectively. It was also concluded that 95.00 per cent of respondents were having knowledge about recommended quantity of FYM, land requirements (88.75 %), climate conditions required for cauliflower (87.50%), seed rate (87.50%), number of harrowing (86.25 %) , method of irrigation (86.25 % ) , varieties of cauliflower,( 83.75 %), method of sowing (82.50 %), number of hoeing required for cauliflower crop (78.75 % ), size of seed bed for transplanting (37.50 %) , best cultivation season of cauliflower (77.50 % ), diseases on cauliflower crop ( 68.75 %), recommended number of ploughing (62.50 %), spacing for cauliflower crop (63.75 %), disease control (63.75 %) , basal doses of the fertilizers (56.25 %), pest of cauliflower ( 55.00 %) , pest control (50.00 %), irrigation methods for cauliflower crop (86.25%), irrigation interval for cauliflower crop(38.75 %)