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Benefits of ground nut improved production technologies to small and marginal farmers of Datia district in Madhya Pradesh


Journal Title:International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Considering that non- adoption of improved ground nut technologies by the small and marginal resource poor farmers is due to non availability of quality seeds, poor knowledge, inappropriateness of technologies etc. In the current study, improved groundnut technologies have been implemented through participatory mode so as to generate awareness about improved technologies among them. The participatory approach could make the farmer to learn, adopt and spread new technologies. The economic indicators have shown that net return of Rs. 28087per ha was realized by adopting improved variety and integrated crop management (ICM) package during Kharif season, and it is higher than the returns realized by growing local variety (Indori/ Junku) with local practice (Rs. 18825/ha). The cost of production has been found to be Rs. 8.83/kg and Rs. 11.10/kg with the improved practice and farmers practice, respectively