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Clonal propagation in apple


Journal Title:International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Clonal propagation is to select a source of superior plant characteristics and to reproduce population of progeny with identical genotypes. Most of the fruit plants are heterozygous in nature if they are propagated through seed their unique characteristics are changed. Propagation through cuttings is the most common means of clonal regeneration of number of horticultural crops. Adventitious root formation is pre-requisite to successful cutting propagation. Vegetatively raised clonal rootstock, on other hand are not only uniform but they are also precocious, productive and resistant to biotic and abiotic factors. Thus in apple the use of clonal rootstock has become an acceptable practice of eliminating variability arising from the use of variable seedling rootstocks and of reducing tree size and increasing precocity and productivity. In this review, the scattered information on clonal propagation of apple through growth regulators, bio-inoculants, pre-conditioning (blanching and girdling) on rooting of cuttings and pre-conditioning treatments with IBA is enlightened. This could eventually be helpful in drawing the attention of the researchers and scientists to work on it, besides would be benefitted by utilizing the knowledge reviewed in this paper