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Stability analysis for yield and its contributing traits in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)


Journal Title:International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

The stability of 10 parents and their 45 F1s and 45 F2s of wheat were studied for days to 75%flowering, number of ear bearing tillers, plant height, spike length/plant, number of grains/spike, grain weight/spike, days to maturity and grain yield/plant at three diverse locations of Uttar Pradesh, India. The stability analysis revealed that the genotypes, environments, genotypes x environments interaction including environments (linear) were highly significant for all the characters, indicating significant variability among the genotypes and significant involvement of environments with different genotypes. The non-linear component (pooled deviation) was also highly significant for all the attributes, exhibiting considerable genetic diversity in yield and its contributing traits. Among parents, K 9107 was found to be high yielder and stable across environments. The crosses namely, K 68 x K 9107, K 68 x K 7903, K 68 x HP 1633, DL 784-3 x K 9107, DL 784-3 x K 9644, K 9107 x K 9644, K 8027 x C 306, K 8027 x K 9644, C 306 x K 9644 and GW 373 x K 9644 were identified as stable and high yielder across environments in both the generations. These crosses can be exploited in further breeding programmes for developing high yielding stable varieties.