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Growth and yield of lentil (Lens culinarisMedik.) under different sowing dates and tillage systems


Journal Title:International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

An experiment was carried out during Rabi season 2007-08 at Khalsa college Research Farm, Amritsar (Punjab) to study the effect of different sowing dates and tillage systems on growth and yield of lentil(Lens culinarisMedik.). Sowing dates for lentil were 15thOctober, 30 thOctober, 14th November and 30th November. Tillage systems were no tillage (Crop sown directly without ploughing), minimum tillage (Crop sown with one ploughing followed by planking) and conventional tillage (Crop sown with three ploughings followed by planking). Sowing on 30th October was found to increase growth parameters as dry matter production (6.89%, 17.72%, 33.81%), plant height(2.13%, 6.75%, 11.86%), branches/plant (6.20%, 25.46%, 64%) and yield(14.09%, 44.10%, 189.73%) on 15thOctober, 14thNovember and 30thNovember. Tillage also had significant influence on growth parameters and yield. Conventional tillage has increased dry matter production (6.70% and 13.63%), plant height (1.55% and 4.79%), branches/plant (3.77% and 6.54%) and yield (8.09% and 30.65%) over minimum tillage and no tillage. The highest yield was recorded with the treatment that received conventional tillage.