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Opinion of beneficiaries towards training programmes organized by KVKs


Journal Title:International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

The study was conducted in two purposively selected KVKs Dariapur (Rae Bareli) and Tharion (Fatehpur) of Uttar Pradesh. These two KVKs fall under the jurisdiction of C.S. Azad University of Agriculture and Technology, Kanpur and are located in two different situations. The beneficiaries were selected randomly for this study, there were one hundred beneficiaries selected from each KVK, who attended the training. Thus, the total number of trainees was 200. The data were collected with the help of pre-tested interview schedule. The statistical methods adopted were percentage, mean and weighted mean. It was found from the study that the most of the beneficiaries in both the KVKs- Dariapur (Rae Bareli) and Tharion (Fatehpur) were of 25-35 years of age, belonged to medium caste, having nuclear type of family and 3-5 members of family size with medium level of family education. Their main occupation was farming (76.00 -80.00 %), getting Rs. 2001-3000 monthly (33.00 -35.00 %) and having up to 1 acre of land and 48-59 per cent were no member of any organization. The majority of the beneficiaries in both KVKs were utilizing neighbours and friends under localite sources, KVK personnels under cosmopolite, and meetings under mass media sources. The evaluation and supporting activities in both the KVKs, i.e., Dariapur (mean = 1.78) and Tharion (mean = 1.73) were found to be below satisfaction while regarding physical facilities their opinion were found to be below satisfaction (mean = 1.84) in KVK Tharion. Regarding the overall usefulness of training programmes in KVK Dariapur, most of the beneficiaries were found to be high level (42.00 %) of opinion while in KVK Tharion, most of the beneficiaries had showed medium level (40.00 %) of opinion.