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Economic analysis of cost and return for basmati rice cultivation in Jammu district of J&K state


Journal Title:International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

An investigation entitled economic analysis of cost and returns of Basmati rice in Jammu district of J&K state was conducted in Basmati grown two different development blocks of Jammu district (R. S. Pura and Bishnah) during the agricultural year 2011-12. Four villages from each block were selected randomly. Further, from each village, 10 farmers were selected randomly, so as to constitute a total sample size of 80. Primary data on costs and returns of the Basmati was done by interviewing the farmers with the help of specially structured and pretested schedule and by visiting growers. The per hectare total costs of cultivation (cost-C2) of Basmati rice worked out to be Rs. 34107.21, Rs. 36895.48, Rs. 39414.98 and Rs. 40517.49 in case of marginal, small, medium and large farms, respectively, with an overall average farms of Rs. 38199.29 while as the respective cost A1, cost A2,cost B1, cost B2 and cost C1were Rs. 17876.26, Rs. 17876.26, Rs. 19363.48, Rs. 28521.21 and Rs. 24949.48 in case of marginal farms, Rs. 20305.58, Rs. 21745.58, Rs. 22469.84, Rs. 32691.48 and Rs. 26673.84 for small farms, Rs. 21804.10, Rs. 25004.10, Rs. 24622.52, Rs. 36183.98 and Rs. 27853.52 for medium farms, and Rs. 23094.17, Rs. 26694.17, Rs. 26315.43, Rs. 38287.49 and Rs. 28545.43 for large farms and on an average of overall farms were Rs. 20610.69, Rs. 23410.69, Rs. 22972.38, Rs. 34259.83 and Rs. 26911.84, respectively. The overall per hectare returns of Basmati rice were Rs. 53869.00, Rs. 53585.83, Rs. 53462.04, Rs. 54118.08 for marginal, small, medium and large farms with an average of overall farms was Rs. 53684.06. The benefit cost ratio on the total cost of cultivation was 1: 1.57, 1: 1.45, 1: 1.36 and 1: 1.34 for marginal, small, medium and large farms with an average of overall farms were 1: 1.40.