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Impact of improved technologies on productivity and profitability of pulses, oilseeds and wheat at farmers fields in Hamirpur district of Bundelkhand zone in Uttar Pradesh


Journal Title:International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Half-field demonstrations were conducted on pulses, oilseeds and wheat with improved technologies against farmers practices at farmers fields during 2008-09, 2009-10 and 2010-11in Hamirpur district of Bundelkhand zone in Uttar Pradesh. Improved techniques included mainly the improved crop variety, proper sowing method and maintenance of optimum plant stand, rhizobium seed inoculation in pulses, optimum fertilizer application and proper weed control. In all the demonstrations conducted were 351 in pigeonpea, 687 in chickpea, 435 in field pea, 255 in lentil, 1055 in sesame, 722 in mustard and 1609 in wheat. The results showed that improved techniques increased seed yield over farmers practices by the margins of 6.93 q/ha or 107.9 % in pigeonpea, 10.77 q/ha or 113.8 % in chickpea, 8.79 q/ha or 71.5 % in field pea, 6.22 q/ha or 75.2 % in lentil, 1.57 q/ha or 135.3 % in sesame, 7.35 q/ha or 89.0 % in mustard, 15.81 q/ha or 60.1 % in wheatT. aestivum and 17.63 q/ha or 81.0 % in wheat T. durum. Net profit due to improved techniques increased maximum of Rs.20665/ha in chickpea followed by Rs.16734/ ha in pigeonpea. Lowest of Rs.3462/ha net profit was increased in sesame. These results indicate that there are great possibilities of increasing productivity and profitability of above crops with adoption of improved techniques in Hamirpur district of Uttar Pradesh.