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Knowledge and adoption of porous pipe drainage technology by the farmers in salt affected soils


Journal Title:International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

It is indicates that 68.89 per cent of farmers were of old age group, 54.44 per cent of farmers were completed their education up to secondary and higher secondary only. All the farmers having agriculture as a main occupation. In addition to agriculture, 75.56 per cent of farmers enjoying dairy as a subsidiary occupation. About 92.22 per cent of farmers were from irrigated farming category and all the farmers were irrigated their fields by river water. All the farmers had knowledge about parts of porous pipe, distance between two laterals, parallel type of porous pipe drainage , precautions taken during installation of outlets. Large majority of farmers had knowledge about types of porous pipe drainage systemviz., V-shaped (92.22 %), U-shaped (93.33 %), Bone skeleton (92.22 %) and Interceptor (92.22 %). It is revealed that all the farmers were adopted the parallel porous pipe drainage system on co-operative basis. About 55.56 per cent of farmers were completely adopted 25.30 meter distance between two laterals. All farmers this method is very expensive, lack of technical guidance, It is not possible on individual basis, difficult to small farmers. More than 90.00 per cent of farmers mentioned about lack of co-ordination and uneven drainage due to more length between two laterals.