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Physico-chemical properties in soils from Tuljapur tahsil of Osmanabad district


Journal Title:International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

The present research work was carried out during the year 2011-12 to study the physico-chemical properties in soils from Tuljapur Tahsil of Osmanabad District. For this purpose 180 representative soil samples were collected from 30 villages of Tuljapur tahsil. Collected soil samples were categorized into different soil orders. Out of the total collected soil samples 34 per cent soil samples were grouped under the order Vertisols while 47 and 19 per cent soil samples were grouped under the order Inceptisols and Entisols, respectively. These soil samples were analyzed for physico-chemical properties. In physical analysis, particle density, bulk density, porosity and colour were studied. Average particle density, bulk density and porosity was 2.44 gcc-1, 1.49gcc-1 and 38.14 per cent, respectively. The soils under the study were alkaline in reaction, safe in limit of electrical conductivity and moderately calcareous to calcareous in nature. These soils were low in content of organic carbon.