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Predictors of Academic Performance in Professional Nursing Courses in a Private Nursing School in Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines


Journal Title:Asia Pacific Journal of Education, Arts and Sciences

Many efforts have been made to define an array of factors related to what determines studentsí board exam performance, but few studies were conducted in the Philippines as to what can predict academic performance of nursing students. This descriptive correlational study was an attempt to increase understanding of the academic and nonacademic attributes of academic performance in professional nursing courses. Correlations among overall performance in professional nursing courses and the following variables:sex, monthly income, type of high school attended, residence, High school GPA, NAT ratings; as well as grades in English content courses, Math content courses, Science content courses were computed for the 60 students of Batch 2013 of Saint Gabriel College with complete records from the school registrar. The secondary data obtained were statistically analyzed with the use of the weighted mean, rank, Chi square, Pearson r and regression analysis. Type of school attended, and all academic factors were correlated with academic performance in professional nursing courses. Multiple linear regression analysis revealed performance in English and Science courses as predictors of respondentsí academic performance in professional nursing courses. This study concludes that academic factors are better predictorsof academic performance in professional nursing courses. The challenge for the colleges and schools is to develop strategies aimed at addressing these factors that are appropriate to specific contexts and student cohorts.